Talents are the first wealth of Greatwall. We respect knowledge and value the development and accumulation of talent assets. We hold that every talented person has his value, advocate the principle that “everyone will get a position as long as he achieves something“. Regardless of his position, an employee who adapts to his post, fulfills his duties scrupulously and gives full play to his potential is a talent of Greatwall.

During recruitment and employment, we focus on people’s quality, potential, character, educational background and experience. We provide objective and equal commitment in talent employment, training and development by following the two-way selection principle. Through arduous efforts, every employee will increase his talent from work and may possibly be offered a promotion in his post.

Pursuing the principle of efficiency first and giving consideration to fairness, Greatwall provides employees with fair opportunities and conditions. We encourage every employee to compete on the basis of sincere cooperation and commitment. Greatwall will fulfill your hope of achieving success as long as you have talent and ability.

Greatwall implements a flexible cadre employment system, follows the talent growth law, and makes the most responsible person shoulder important responsibilities in accordance with objective and fair evaluation results.