We welcome your joining in our big family, Zhejiang Greatwall Commutator Co., Ltd., and hope that you will grow together with Greatwall with your efforts. Self-value is realized with the development of our enterprise, and today’s success of Greatwall cannot be achieved without arduous efforts and sweat of all employees. The 21st century is a century of technological development. As a professional commutator supplier, we have formed a fast, steady, continual and healthy development pattern after years of development. The successful experience has demonstrated that the expansion of our enterprise needs innovation and every development and innovation cannot be realized without human creativity.

Development is the core of all work in Greatwall and the hope of all employees. It is an important way for Greatwall to repay society and realize value. Additionally, development is also a fundamental solution to all problems of Greatwall. Therefore, Greatwall adheres to the main theme of speeding up the development.

In order to become a world famous commutator manufacturer that cannot be replaced by other domestic enterprises, Greatwall will combine its development with the innovative Greatwall culture, spread them into every chain and process in enterprise management, accelerate technological innovation, protect intellectual property rights, focus on the inspiration of innovation ability, enhance scientific management level, establish pragmatic and constantly improved working style, increase cohesion, competitiveness and implementation capacity, build a brand new enterprise image, provide powerful motive force and create a good culture atmosphere for Greatwall to realize new strides, step into new stages and achieve new resplendence.

Knowledge and talents are the first resources of Greatwall. Personnel team is an asset of Greatwall and our hope for thriving and prosperity. For the common career, we are always conscientious and responsible, adopt a scientific attitude, and are adept at making improvements to keep vigilant in times of peace and consider the situation as a whole while keeping to the enterprise spirit of “keeping improving and seeking prominence”, insisting that “safety is the life of employees, quality is the life of our enterprise and security is the life of Greatwall” and completing every task successfully.

Following good traditions, the personnel of Greatwall are enterprising and devoted to the career, and study assiduously. They are our precious wealth and resources. But faced with the fierce market competition, we cannot rest complacent on our past laurels. Improvements will lead to progress. We should surpass ourselves and keep enterprising to build new brilliance for Greatwall.